Woodsmoke features the soft luscious fuzziness of mohair, along with merino wool for a lightweight bulk that is luxurious to the touch. Its top-dye blended hair gives the yarn a tonal depth of colour which is gorgeous.

Cashmere Pure

Cashmere Pure is a premium yarn for the ultimate luxury knitwear. Our cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, where the best cashmere comes from. Our supplier has strict control of herd size to ensure that is sustainable, traceable, and pure. 

Chunky Icelandic

RELLA created this proprietary chunky Icelandic Yarn more than seven years ago. The goal was to create a luxurious soft hand in a variety of colours using the qualities of Merino tops and the function of acrylic. The result is a long hair fibre with durability and texture featuring a robust clean colour palette that is unique to this fibre.


Hermes is our other new Italian made blend. Hermes provides a soft brushed texture where the bears are dyed to produce heathers yarns which are then twisted together in subtle complimentary shades. A mid gauge blend that is slightly clubbed to create great texture and appeal.


Chimo is our new fine gauge mohair blend.This blend provides a super soft hand, an interesting blurred texture and a distinctive fuzziness that is sure to please.


Inspiration uses alpaca fibres along with extra fine merino wool to create a yarn with a soft yet firm hand feel, and with a hint of long hair fibre for surface interest. Sophisticated, yet easy wear yarn. 

New England Donegal

New England Donegal is our premium pure wool yarn, made from 100% extra fine merino wool fleece from Australia. The fibres are carefully dyed and skillfully blend- ed to achieve a vibrancy of colour which can only be created by fibre-dye methods. This yarn offers a beautiful 

 peppered surface.

Mid Gauge Icelandic

With the huge popularity of the ICELANDIC chunky blend, came the demand for a lighter weight alternative to this great blend. And so we offer all the same great advantages and qualities of our classic ICELANDIC, but in a lighter mid Gauge blend.


Vanigliato is one of our new Italian yarns. The fibres obtain their color through a space dye technique process to create once knit a pleasing gradient effect. A mid gauge blend that provides texture, fashion and warmth..


Ace blends superfine merino with cotton and nylon, for a natural fibre rich yarn that balances softness, practicality and price. ACE is a great yarn all year round, as the cleanness of the cotton hand feel meets the warmth of top quality merino wool.


Crofter is a beautiful Donegal yarn with luscious neps, a rounded roving look and a super soft hand feel, making it ideal for chunky knitwear. Along with the gorgeous basic and neutral colors, we have selected some new, brighter and sumptuous tweedy colours for this season.

Joy Twist 

Joy Twist is a wonderful multi-fibre blend with cashmere, created to have a soft surface blur with a functional hand feel. The hint of cashmere combines with the lambswool for lightness, and viscose for softness. The simple bi-colour twist creates an incredibly soft marled look.